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About Nibble & Pickle

I have always had a passion for food and the places it has taken me.

My passion really took hold while working on a boat in the Red Sea as a chef and was then enhanced while travelling around India and Nepal picking up cookery tips along the way. Later my Mediterranean travels introduced me to a of wonderful world of cheeses, salads, dips and breads.

I spent a large period of my life in the Middle East, where my true love for food began, learning to make bread over a fire from the Bedouin tribes and taking in all the taste and flavours whilst observing Egyptians preparing foods on boats at sea and in the local markets . 

Lockdown has really brought out my passion for food and making people happy with my creativity in the kitchen. I have felt a strong urge to use my skills in setting up a small business. I felt it was time to follow my dreams.

We are a small family run business, we grow our own seasonal fruits and vegetables and I also enjoy baking homemade bread. 

We hope you enjoy our Nibble & Pickle products, please do not hesitate to ask for any advice or special requests regarding our graze boxes.


Nibble & Pickle founder

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