Available for deliveries between 10 - 31 December

The Pioneer Meat Feast Box

This is the Pioneer Meat Feast Festive Box, full of delicious treats with flavours which perfectly complement each other. Perfect for sharing over the festive season with family and friends, or to give as a gift.


This box includes Proper Pioneer Chutney Biltong, Drywors and Chilli Sticks, Italian Prosciutto and Salami, Spanish Chorizo and Salami Sticks. 


Cheeses include Colliers Mature Cheddar,  Smoked Cheese with Paprika,  Comte triangles,  Pave D’Affinois Bleu and Bavarian Smoked. 

All presented alongside Scottish tablet, millionaires shortbread, fresh seasonal fruits,  chilli nuts and various crackers. 


This box can be bought as Medium or Large. 


Medium £38 

Large £50

Dietary requirements catered for. 



This scrumptious hamper is filled to the brim with tasty treats for Christmas. The hamper is presented in a wicker basket.




SUSSEX CHARMER. Award winning, this cheese has the combined creaminess of a mature cheddar with a zing of an Italian style Cheese. 


Pave D’Affinois is a French double cream soft cheese, sweet but mild taste.


Black Crowdie - Soft cheese rolled in Scottish pinhead oatmeal and crushed black peppercorns.  


Castello Vintage Gouda - Smooth texture with a nutty flavour with sweet caramel notes.


A variety of charcuterie meats from Italy and Spain  


Edinburgh Preserves Pate and chutney 


Macleans Highland Bakery - Traditional oatcakes with Cradocs Sea Salted Crackers. 


The Proper Pioneer Biltong 


Kent & Fraser Lemon Butter Shortbread 


Monty Bojangles Cookie Moon, crumbly cookie cocoa dusted truffles. 


The Wee Copper Pot Salted Caramel Tablet Bar.

Dietary requirements catered for. 




This box can be ordered in a Medium or Large. 


7 different cheeses - Colliers Mature CheddarCastello Full Bodied GoudaMature Blue Stilton,  Black Crowdie soft cheese rolled in Scottish pinhead oatmeal and crushed black peppercorns,  Pie d’Angloys with a sweet hint of honey melt in the mouth finish,  Double Gloucester with chives and Goat's cheese studded with mini peppers. 

Cheeses can be substituted for different cheeses if you don't like blue/goat's cheese.


Presented alongside a variety of charcuterie meats, olives, oatcakes and crackers with fresh fruits and berries, festive nuts, Millionaires shortbread, Scottish tablet and chocolate crisps .


Medium  £33 

Large £45 


Dietary requirements catered for.